Stephanie Garcia Richard: Keeping us safe

A big part of keeping New Mexico’s families safe is keeping guns out of the hands of those who would do us harm.


Stephanie Garcia Richard supports our second amendment rights.


But Stephanie Garcia Richard knows that background checks save lives. Background checks keep guns out the hands of dangerous people and in states with background checks there are 48% fewer police officers killed with handguns.


The NRA’s Lobbying Arm Attacked An Initiative “That Would Expand Background Checks On Gun Sales.” According to Media Matters, “The National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, released an ad falsely attacking Question 3, a Maine ballot initiative that would expand background checks on gun sales. The initiative, which will be on the ballot November 8, would require (with exceptions) individuals who are not licensed firearms dealers but wish to sell or transfer a firearm to go to a gun store, where the recipient of the firearm would undergo a background check before a transfer is completed. A new ad from the NRA-ILA, however, distorts what Question 3 proposes to do by misleading about the current state of background checks in Maine and also by offering a falsehood about how the new background check law would work.” [Media Matters, 9/13/16]


The NRA Opposed Expanded Background Check Requirements For Private Gun Sellers. According to ThinkProgress, “Right now, Nevada law requires background checks for all firearm sales, except when the sale is carried out by a private party. Gun control advocates call this the “gun show loophole,” as that’s where private sellers often do business. […] The NRA is vehemently against the effort in Nevada to expand background check requirements to private gun sellers.” [ThinkProgress, 12/14/15]

Sharon Stover? She’s accepted the endorsement of a right wing group that’s lobbied against closing the loophole that lets terrorists, felons and domestic abusers buy guns at gun shows in New Mexico without any background check.


Who is going to keep our guns out of dangerous hands?


Sharon Stover refuses to support laws that would save lives.


Only Stephanie Garcia Richard supports our rights and keeping Los Alamos safe.


When it comes to keeping Los Alamos families safe, there is a clear choice: Stephanie Garcia Richard.


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