Sharon Stover broke the law. But we paid.


As County Clerk, Sharon Stover violated a judge’s order and refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Los Alamos couple denied same-sex marriage license 
by Dan Boyd / Albuquerque Journal Staff Writer

SANTA FE – Los Alamos County Clerk Sharon Stover refused Tuesday to comply with a judge’s order to issue a marriage license to a lesbian couple, at least temporarily denying the gay marriage movement in New Mexico another victory…

First Judicial District Judge Sheri Raphaelson last week ordered Stover to issue a marriage license to the Los Alamos couple or show up in court to argue why she should not have to do so.

Stover had previously declined to issue a marriage license to the couple – Janet Newton and Maria Thibodeau – prompting the pair to file a lawsuit…

“Clerk Stover’s decision to ask her constituents to wait while an Albuquerque judge acts is as surprising as it is unsupported in the law,” they said in a statement to the Journal. “Simply put, there is no reason why Clerk Stover should force Janet Newton and Maria Thibodeau to move to the ‘back of the bus’ to wait months for a different lawsuit elsewhere to be resolved.”

With Stover’s refusal, Los Alamos County becomes the first in New Mexico to defy a court order on same-sex marriage.

She knowingly and intentionally broke the law.

Worse, her violations caused a costly lawsuit against the County- which she lost.

Stover put her own private agenda above the law… and families in Los Alamos County had to pay the price.

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