State Rep. John Zimmerman voted for more testing, less teaching

State Representative John Zimmerman has bad news for students like him
Republican State Rep. John Zimmerman voted for more standardized testing

Zimmerman Voted For HB 67 Which Amended Public School Code To Create A Statewide Framework Of Academic Consequences For Non-Proficient Students In Kindergarten Through Grade Eight. (Very similar to 2015 HB41; related to 2015 SB66, SB468, SB 560 and SB724) Amends the Public School code to create a statewide framework of academic consequences for non-proficient students in kindergarten through grade eight. Provides for retention of non-proficient readers at the end of third grade, without the requirement to obtain parental consent. Sponsor, Youngblood (R68). Primary Committee: HOUSE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. 1/29/16, Third Reading and Final Passage: House Floor vote: Y: (36), N: (27), Abs: (7)

  • HB 67 Also Required “Administration Of A Reading Screening Assessment” For Kindergarten Through Third Grade Students. According to HB 67’s fiscal impact report, “New provisions related to kindergarten through third grade students require administration of a reading screening assessment at the end of the first nine weeks of the school year for kindergarten students and at the beginning of the school year for first through third grade students.” [HB 67, 2016 Session, Fiscal Impact Report]

Then he voted to send $6,000,000 to out-of-state, for-profit testing companies instead of our classrooms

See HB2 (final version), Page 140, Line Items 2-3.

John Zimmerman Voted For HB 2. [HB 2, 2/24/15]

The New Mexico Public Education Department Awarded A “Lucrative Contract” To Pearson To Write And Administer The PARCC Test. According to the Santa Fe Reporter, “New Mexico’s purchasing agent has not found any problems with the way the state Public Education Department awarded a lucrative contract for a Common Core standardized test. The agent issued an opinion Wednesday that a protest filed over the contract was without merit. In May, the state Public Education Department awarded education conglomerate Pearson a contract to write and administer a new test for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.” [Santa Fe Reporter, 7/3/14]

Pearson’s Headquarters Were In London, UK. According to Pearson’s website, the company is headquartered in London, UK. [Pearson, Head Offices, accessed 9/19/14]

More testing

Less Teaching


Republican John Zimmerman is wrong for New Mexico


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