Republican John Zimmerman gave a sweetheart deal to mining companies, and a bad deal to our children’s clean water

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Big mining companies don’t like cleaning up their mess.
So State Rep. John Zimmerman voted to let them avoid cleaning up this mess for 100 years Zimmerman’s Bill Would Allow Mines To Stay On Standby “For Up To 100 Years And Reopen With No Public Notice.”  According to the Silver City Daily Press & Independent, “Mines could suspend operations but remain on standby for up to 100 years and reopen with no public notice under House Bill 625, sponsored by Rep. John Zimmerman, R-Las Cruces. […] But a provision that would remove a cap on the number of years a mine can remain on standby would be a big concern for Grant County and the Silver City area, which is near two open-pit copper mines that cover thousands of acres — some of the largest in the nation, Siwik said. Currently, a mine can remain on standby for five years at a time, up to 20 years. At the end of each five-year term, the company can request to extend the period. If a company wants to reopen a mine, the Mining and Minerals Division and the public must be notified, and a hearing must held to determine if any changes are needed to the original mine operation permit. Under HB 625, a mine could essentially remain on standby for at least 100 years. If at any time a mine’s operators wanted to reopen, they would need only alert the state in a letter. No public review of the request or the mine’s operating permit would be required under the bill.” [Silver City Daily Press & Independent, 3/13/15]


Leaving our children to deal with the mess…and a new threat to their clean water.
John Zimmerman


Does a good job representing them. But what about us?


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