Isn’t one Donald Trump enough? Say NO to Republican Rep. John Zimmerman

Isn’t one Donald Trump enough?


Unfortunately, Republican State Representative John Zimmerman lacks the temperament for public service.


He’s cut from the same cloth as Trump.


According to police reports, after a dispute State Representative Zimmerman chased down another driver and forced them to pull over. When Deputies arrived, Zimmerman wouldn’t listen and tried to call the Sheriff to intervene in the matter.


Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Report


If that wasn’t enough, in another instance, State Representative Zimmerman got into a shouting match with landscapers, and again refused to listen when the police arrived.



Like Trump, Zimmerman thinks the rules don’t apply to him, that he deserves special treatment.


Maybe that’s why Zimmerman refuses to denounce Trump. Even as other Republicans across the country speak out, even as Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.

Zimmerman stays quiet.


Like Trump, Zimmerman is unfit to serve.


This November, let’s send a message to John Zimmerman.  One Trump is (already) too many, we don’t need another.


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