Why is candidate Rebecca Dow running from the press?

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What’s she hiding from?


“[State Rep. Candidate Rebecca] Dow declined to be interviewed…”

KRWG News, 10/12/16
After being sued by parents of a sex abuse victim




Possible Loss of Employment


“Candidate for Legislature named in lawsuit by parents of sexually abused boy.” [Albuquerque Journal, 9/27/16]


ABQ Journal: “Candidate For Legislature Named In Lawsuit By Parents Of Sexually Abused Boy.” [Albuquerque Journal, 9/27/16]



Her attorney tried to seal the records to keep them hidden.


“She ‘did not want to see these documents in the newspaper.’” [NM Political Report]

Dow’s Lawyer “Asked The Sierra County District Court To Seal Personnel Documents In The Case” Because She “Did Not Want To See These Documents In The Newspaper.” According to the New Mexico Political Report, “In a motion filed Monday, Dow’s attorney Theresa Parrish asked the Sierra County district court to seal personnel documents in the case. Parrish wrote she was under the assumption that the plaintiff’s lawyer would not seek to release the documents. She wrote that she told the opposing counsel she ‘did not want to see these documents in the newspaper,’ and thought they were in agreement.” [New Mexico Political Report, 10/10/16]


The Victim’s Lawyer Said, “Rebecca Dow Has Been On An Unabated Publicity Campaign To Protect Herself And To Damage Plaintiffs’ Case.” According to the New Mexico Political Report, “In response, Filosa accused Dow of seeking media attention herself. ‘Rebecca Dow has been on an unabated publicity campaign to protect herself and to damage Plaintiffs’ case,’ Filosa wrote. ‘She cannot be heard to ask for assistance regarding a problem she created.’ Filosa added he believes the information he obtained shows that Dow is misleading the public and those coming to her support. [New Mexico Political Report, 10/10/16]


Rebecca Dow

Sued by a church

Sued by parents of a young abuse victim


A record worth hiding from.


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Second Motion to Amend Amended Petition for Declaratory Judgment (7/29/14): Plaintiffs sought to add Dow as a defendant for “alter-ego liability and civil conspiracy against Rebecca Dow”. In the Second Amended Complaint draft attached as Exhibit A, Dow’s center was accused of failing to pay back over $50,000 in loans from the tabernacle. The tabernacle asserted that “Defendant Dow is personally liable for a judgment incurred by ACDC, AEC and/or MCS pursuant to the remedy of piercing the corporate veil…Defendant Dow uses one or all of the above-named entities as her instrumentalities…Defendant Dow has misrepresented all or any one of ACDC, AEC and MCS’s assets and purposes in order to hide improper purposes of obtaining grant monies and covering up family secrets, such extramarital affairs by her father Defendant Skidmore while he was Full Gospel Tabernacle’s pastor.”


“Defendant Skidmore and his daughter Defendant Dow, as ACDC’s Director and /or Chief Executive Officer, engaged in a civil conspiracy to enter into a one-sided lease agreement that strongly favored ACDC to Full Gospel Tabernacle’s severe detriment.”


In their Reply in support of its second motion to amend dated 8/18/14, the tabernacle noted, “Thus, Dow and Skidmore were able to deprive the Church or thousands of dollars in Lease money, as the full market value of the property, at least $6,000.00 monthly, vastly exceed the $1,000.00 per month ACDC was obligated to pay under the Lease.”