Rebecca Dow: “significant concerns” and “red flags”



Why should we ever trust Rebecca Dow again?

Dow was the Director and Founder of Appletree Education Center.

At the center, Dow hired a sexual predator.

Alejandro HernandezEven after she was forced to reprimand him for inappropriate sexual contact with a young girl.

After, she overrode the quote, significant concerns, unquote of two other managers and tried to promote him.

State Court case number D-721-CV-201600040:





Dow allowed the sex criminal to supervise children during a lockdown sleepover.

State Court case number D-721-CV-201600040:


Tragically, the employee sexually assaulted two young boys, pled guilty and is currently in prison.
Court documents allege, when a mother of one of the victims spoke to a lawyer, Dow threated her job and tried to give her money her to keep silent.

State Court case number D-721-CV-201600040:


Then Dow went on to lobby the Governor against better background checks at childcare facilities like hers.

The CYFD’s New Proposed Regulations Would “Require Background Checks For Parents Involved In Classroom Activities.” According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, “Teachers on Monday raised concerns about regulations proposed by the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, saying the rules were at times ambiguous, out of step with federal regulations and unfair to low-income families. The state regulations, which have not been updated since 1992, could affect class sizes at early childhood centers, training standards for educators and require background checks for parents involved in classroom activities.” [Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/15/16]


Dow “Said The Regulations Failed To Consider The Realities Of Running An Early Child Care Center, And The Standards Were Inflexible, Making It Impossible For Some Center To Continue Functioning.” According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, “Rebecca Dow, of AppleTree Education Center in Truth or Consequences, said the regulations failed to consider the realities of running an early child care center, and the standards were inflexible, making it impossible for some centers to continue functioning. Dow, a Republican who is running for a seat in the state House of Representatives this fall, is the acting policy chairwoman for the New Mexico Child Care and Education Association. ‘Yes, we want high-quality programs,’ she said. ‘But when we cannot meet the standard … families are left with nothing.’” [Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/15/16]

Now Dow is running for state representative.

If we can’t trust her judgment with our children, why would we trust Rebecca Dow at all?

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