House District 38

The truth has consequences

There’s nothing we do as a community that’s more important than protecting our children. That’s why the story of Rebecca Dow Founder and Executive Director of Apple tree Education Center is so disturbing. Last Year, as director of the center Dow hired a sexual predator and put him in charge of an overnight trip with […]

Rebecca Dow: “significant concerns” and “red flags”

    Why should we ever trust Rebecca Dow again? Dow was the Director and Founder of Appletree Education Center. At the center, Dow hired a sexual predator. Even after she was forced to reprimand him for inappropriate sexual contact with a young girl. After, she overrode the quote, significant concerns, unquote of two other […]

Candidate Rebecca Dow can’t stay out of court.

Rebecca Dow can’t stay out of court Threatened the mother of an abuse victim who tried to sue   Coercion Pressure Possible loss of employment Even sued by a church for not paying her bills Second Motion to Amend Amended Petition for Declaratory Judgment (7/29/14): Plaintiffs sought to add Dow as a defendant for “alter-ego […]

Why is candidate Rebecca Dow running from the press?

On-Screen Backup What’s she hiding from?   “[State Rep. Candidate Rebecca] Dow declined to be interviewed…” KRWG News, 10/12/16 After being sued by parents of a sex abuse victim   Coercion Pressure Possible Loss of Employment   “Candidate for Legislature named in lawsuit by parents of sexually abused boy.” [Albuquerque Journal, 9/27/16]   ABQ Journal: […]