We used to look up to Terry McMillan. Now we know.


State Representative Terry McMillan is the only doctor in the state legislature.


He’s been a member of our community, brought a lot of our children into this world – he’s someone we looked up to.


But like a lot of heroes, we think we know who’s behind the mask… but we don’t…


Dr. McMillan was sued for performing unnecessary surgery on children and seriously injuring them in the process.

McMillan Was Sued On April 18, 1989 And Noted That He “Had A Malpractice Settlement Or Judgment Against Him” In 1994. [89-CV-0368, Galveston County, 4/18/89]

McMillan Was Sued For Battery After Pushing For An Unnecessary Surgery


[Munson, et al v. McMillan, et al, D-307-CV-201102726, Complaint]

A local hospital he was a shareholder in was fined for a scheme to implant pacemakers in patients who never needed them just to increase profits.

$67 Million Pacemaker Suit

A Jury Awarded A Pacemaker Patient “More Than $67 Million In Damages In Which He Accused The Device Manufacturer, Its Salesman, A Las Cruces Doctor” And The Mountain View Regional Medical Center Of “A Pay-To-Play Scheme.” According to the Albuquerque Journal, “A jury has awarded a pacemaker patient more than $67 million in damages in a lawsuit in which he accused the device manufacturer, its salesman, a Las Cruces doctor and a Las Cruces hospital of a pay-to-play scheme, according to an attorney in the case. The District Court jury on Monday found German pacemaker manufacturer Biotronik negligent in the case of Tommy Sowards, who claimed he was unnecessarily implanted with a pacemaker as a result of a conspiracy among the company, salesman Edward Tague, Mountain View Regional Medical Center and Sowards’ then-doctor, Demosthenis Klonis.” [Albuquerque Journal, 9/8/14]

The Pacemaker Manufacturer Paid “Improper Kickbacks” To Doctors “For Every Patient Outfitted With A Pacemaker, Training Fees And Payments For Clinical Studies.” According to the Albuquerque Journal, “That behavior allegedly included Biotronik paying improper kickbacks to Klonis such as bonuses for every patient outfitted with a pacemaker, training fees and payments for clinical studies – payouts that more than tripled the $1,223 the doctor charged per procedure. Similar complaints against Biotronik by at least 30 other plaintiffs are pending in Santa Fe.” [Albuquerque Journal, 9/8/14]

What’s worse, McMillian is under investigation for Medicaid fraud by the Attorney General.


It’s hard to say why McMillian would do it…


Maybe it was arrogance? Maybe he thought we owed him…. We’ll never know.


But it’s pretty clear that if Representative McMillian puts his financial interests ahead of his duty as a doctor, we can’t we trust him to put our interests first in the state legislature.


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