The disturbing case(s) of State Rep. Terry McMillan, M.D.

We thought we could trust Dr Terry McMillan.

But the more we learn, the more disturbing his record gets.

McMillan was sued for performing unnecessary surgery on a 13-year-old girl. – when the standard of care called for observation.

count1[Munson, et al v. McMillan, et al, D-307-CV-201102726, Complaint]

In court McMillan’s lawyers bullied the victim, requesting her diary and questioning her about her sexual history – even though the botched surgery was to her eye.

Source: Munson, et al v. McMillan, et al, D-307-CV-201102726, Complaint

McMillan Tried to Compel Beth to Produce Her Private Diaries Dating as Far Back to January 2007 and to Examine Her Sexual Issues Despite Her Being a Virgin
On 10/20/14, Plaintiff filed a Plaintiff’s Motion for Protective Order of Her Private Diary seeking a Protective Order “to prohibit the disclosure of her private diary, which no other individual has ever seen, to protect Ms. Harty’s privacy and to prevent annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, and undue burden.” Beth had disclosed during her deposition that she read through an old school journal (not a private diary) to prepare for her deposition. Based upon that McMillan’s attorneys requested all of her personal writings including any diaries. Plaintiff offered to produce the school journal, which was contemporaneous to the medical malpractice.

However, Beth also kept a separate private diary from June 2010 to March 2011 when she was 14-15 years old (Beth was now 20 years old). And “she has never shared its contents with anyone.” The personal diary was Beth’s “most private possession”. McMillan’s push for her private diary caused Beth to be “experiencing distress as result Defendant’s request for her private diary. The threat of having her private thoughts and feelings exposed has caused Plaintiff to suffer nightmares, and feel violated, nauseous and bullied.” By this time, Beth had already been deposed twice, done three nueropsychological evaluations, and provided McMillan access to her friends, family, therapists, counselors, medical doctors and medical records etc. And, “Defendant has questioned Plaintiff’s family and friends about her sexuality and lack of sexual interest.” The motion had an affidavit from Beth attached as Exhibit D, in which Beth detailed her stress from McMillan’s push to see her diary, “This is extremely invasive and just the idea makes me feel violated and nauseous. I have had nightmares about this. I was talking in my sleep loudly enough that my aunt could hear me in another room. That isn’t something I’ve done since I was four. This feels like I am being bullied.”

And McMillan? He sought a protective order to limit the questions he would have to answer.

McMillan Hypocrisy in Seeking Her Personal Diary and Questioning Beth about Sexual History, McMillan Sought a Protective Order “to Prohibit Improper Discovery and Harassment of Defendant Terry H. McMillan, M.D” : McMillan sought a protective order from a judge on 4/14/14 regarding his testimony.

In the end, he was forced to pay $295,000.
Now, McMillan is under investigation for Medicaid fraud by the Attorney General. He’s been ordered to turn over nearly 80 patient records.

Source, NM Medical Board File

Source, NM Medical Board File

Bullying a child he injured, while he seeks a protective order….

Medicaid fraud…

It paints a disturbing pattern of behavior – both negligent and criminal.

Terry McMillan. The more we learn about him, the worse it gets.


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