House District 37

We used to look up to Terry McMillan. Now we know.

State Representative Terry McMillan is the only doctor in the state legislature.   He’s been a member of our community, brought a lot of our children into this world – he’s someone we looked up to.   But like a lot of heroes, we think we know who’s behind the mask… but we don’t…   […]

The disturbing case(s) of State Rep. Terry McMillan, M.D.

We thought we could trust Dr Terry McMillan. But the more we learn, the more disturbing his record gets. McMillan was sued for performing unnecessary surgery on a 13-year-old girl. – when the standard of care called for observation. [Munson, et al v. McMillan, et al, D-307-CV-201102726, Complaint] In court McMillan’s lawyers bullied the victim, […]

Terry McMillan just stayed silent.

He said a judge was unfair because he is “Mexican”   Republican Terry McMillan was silent He bragged about sexually assaulting women.   Not a word from State Rep. Terry McMillan When is enough enough?   Apparently, not yet for State Rep. Terry McMillan If he won’t stand up to Trump How will he stand […]

Rep. McMillan has missed 100+ votes, but not the one to give himself a raise…

On-Screen Backup He missed 100 votes… But not the one to give himself a raise. McMillan Missed 70 Votes During The 2015-16 Legislative Session. According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, McMillan missed 22 votes during the 2016 legislative session and 48 votes during the 2015 legislative session. [New Mexico Secretary of State]   […]