“It pays to be State Rep. Andy Nuñez”


Remember that old saying about letting the fox guard the hen house….

Well, in Santa Fe we don’t have foxes, but we do have former special interest lobbyist Andy Nunez.

Fact Check: Andrew Nunez Was A Registered Lobbyist In 2014 For The Elephant Butte Irrigation District And The Carlsbad Irrigation District. According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Nunez was a registered lobbyist in 2014 for the Elephant Butte Irrigation District and the Carlsbad Irrigation District. [New Mexico Secretary of State, accessed 6/28/14]


[New Mexico Secretary of State, accessed 6/28/14

State representative Andy Nunez is very good at representing his own interests.

Nunez skipped work and missed over 300 votes, while continuing to take his $27,000 taxpayer funded per diem.

Fact Check: As a legislator, Nunez Has Missed 308 Votes

Nunez Was Excused Or Absent From 38 Votes During The 2015-16 Legislative Session. According to the New Mexico Legislature, Nunez was excused or absent from 30 votes during the 2015 legislative session and from 8 votes in the 2016 legislative session. [New Mexico Legislature]

Between 2007 And 2012, Andy Nunez Missed 270 Votes. According to New Mexico Votes, between 2007 and 2012, Andy Nunez missed 270 votes. [New Mexico Votes, accessed 7/11/16]

Nunez Received $27,289.68 In Per Diem For 2015-16

Nunez Received $27,289.68 In Per Diem For The 2015-16 Legislative Session. According to the New Mexico Legislature, Nunez received $27,289.68 in per diem for the 2015-16 legislative session. [New Mexico Legislature]

When he did show up, it only got worse for us.

Representative Nunez sold us out to a rich Texan – giving away access to our public waterways to expensive hunting and fishing lodges. Nunez & other Republicans’ got $50,000 in campaign contributions for the giveaway.

Fact Check: Senate Bill 226 “prohibits walking or wading onto private property through non-navigable public waters or accessing public water via private property without the landowner’s express written consent.”

[New Mexico legislature, 2015 SB 0226]

“Habitat Conservation Initiative [founded by Texas lawyer Dan Perry] made its first political contributions in May, giving $10,800 to each of four Republican-affiliated political action committees and $5,000 to the campaign of House Majority Leader Nate Gentry, R-Albuquerque, who is spearheading the effort to get Republicans elected in November and keep the GOP’s hold on the House. The amounts were the maximum allowable for the 2016 election cycle.” [Albuquerque Journal, 6/16/16]

Nunez Voted For SB 226. According to the New Mexico Legislature, Nunez voted for SB 226. [New Mexico Legislature, 3/20/15]


Nunez Received $2,500 From Nate Gentry’s PAC On May 30, 2016. According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Nunez received $2,500 from Nate Gentry, the “NM State Rep. PAC,” on May 30, 2016. [New Mexico Secretary of State, 5/30/16]

Nunez said he’d oppose all new ethics legislation until the state Constitution was amended to give him and other legislatures a guaranteed salary.

Fact Check:  In 2008, Nunez Said He Would “Oppose All Ethics Legislation Until The State Constitution” Was “Changed To Allow Legislators To Be Paid A Salary.”

According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, “Rep. Andy Nunez, D-Hatch, said he will oppose all ethics legislation until the state Constitution is changed to allow legislators to be paid a salary. ‘I’m not against ethics, but I don’t think we’re the ones causing the problems,’ Nunez said. ‘Every time an ethics bill comes through, I want to attach an amendment that says none of those bills take effect unless we approve a salary for legislators. ‘I’m not going to be there forever. These young guys need some funding,’ Nunez said.” [Las Cruces Sun-News, 1/13/08]


Not showing up for work.

Giving away our public waterways.

Opposing Ethics legislation.

It pays to be State Representative Andy Nunez – too bad we’re the ones picking up the check.

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