Andy Nuñez: Voted to protect corporate tax giveaways instead of hiring more police #WrongForNM

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What if you called for help…and no one came?
State Rep. Andy Nunez voted against a plan to delay big new corporate tax breaks so cities could hire more police officers “Against hiring more police,” Invest in Cops Not Tax Cuts

The Invest In Cops Not Tax Cuts amendment to House Bill 171 would have ensured that cities around the state get more well-trained law enforcement officers on the streets now. The revenue stream would have come from freezing the tax rate for corporations with a net income of more than $1 million at its current rate of 6.9%, instead of dropping it to 6.6% for the tax year 2016. This would have freed up $14 million for this year to invest in keeping our communities safe by providing counties and municipalities with grants to recruit, train and hire new police officers. [NM House Democratic Campaign Cmte, 2/17/16]


Republican Andy Nunez protected big corporations. But what about us?


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