Andy Nuñez sold our public lands for his own campaign.


New Mexico has a long tradition of fishing and hunting.


A special fishing spot could be shared by one generation to the next – and some of our values get passed along in the process.  


But Representative Andy Nunez doesn’t care much for traditions, and cares even less about our values.


Nunez sold away our access to our streams and rivers, so hunting and fishing lodges could charge fees for the streams & river that used to belong to us. Instead of traditions, Nunez has given us fences and fees.

  • Nunez voted for SB226 which “cut off public access.” The bill “prohibits walking or wading onto private property through non-navigable public waters or accessing public water via private property without the landowner’s express written consent.” [New Mexico legislature, 2015 SB 0226]
  • Nunez Voted For SB 226. According to the New Mexico Legislature, Nunez voted for SB 226. [New Mexico Legislature, 3/20/15]
Nunez and his political allies sold us out to a Texas Oil & Gas Attorney for $50,000 in campaign contributions. The same donor now charges $2000 to fish public streams he fenced off.

  • “Perry, a former Texas resident, owns the Trout Stalker Ranch in Chama and founded the New Mexico Habitat Conservation Initiative, which contributed $47,000 to Republican political action committees and $5,000 to Republican state Rep. Nate Gentry of Albuquerque in 2016, according” [Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/7/16]
  • “Habitat Conservation Initiative [founded by Texas lawyer Dan Perry] made its first political contributions in May, giving $10,800 to each of four Republican-affiliated political action committees and $5,000 to the campaign of House Majority Leader Nate Gentry, R-Albuquerque, who is spearheading the effort to get Republicans elected in November and keep the GOP’s hold on the House. The amounts were the maximum allowable for the 2016 election cycle.” [Albuquerque Journal, 6/16/16]
  • According to the Santa Fe New Mexican… a sign at Perry’s ranch alerts anglers to a $2,000, 10-day pass required to access some streams there. The sign notes that meals and equipment are not included in the fly-fishing fee.” [Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/7/16]
  • Nunez Received $2,500 From Nate Gentry’s PAC On May 30, 2016. According to the New Mexico Secretary of State, Nunez received $2,500 from Nate Gentry, the “NM State Rep. PAC,” on May 30, 2016. [New Mexico Secretary of State, 5/30/16]

Instead of protecting us, Andy Nunez sold us out.


Andy Nunez didn’t go to Santa to help you; he went to Santa Fe to help himself.


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