New Mexico has a new “most corporate legislator”: Nate Gentry

Republican Nate Gentry
He’s taken more than $170,000 in campaign donations from corporations & special interests

Source: NM SOS, CFIS

Source: NM SOS, CFIS

More than any legislator in New Mexico

And he sponsored their bills lowering our wages and helping their profits.

Gentry Sponsored HB 498 STATE PREEMPTION OF WAGE & LEAVE LAWS. [HB 498, 2015 Legislative Session]

According to ProgressNow NM, “The thrust of this bill “would remove local authority to enact a minimum wage that is higher than the state minimum wage.” Proponents claim that the fact that there are differences in minimum wage rates across the state (Santa Fe has a higher minimum wage than the state mandates, for example) make it too complicated for businesses to figure out” [ProgressNow NM, 3/12/15]

Corporate Cash.

Special Interests.

Haven’t we had enough of Nate Gentry?


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