House District 30

Nate Gentry. Check the (criminal) record.

  Is it too much to ask that our politicians follow the same rules as the rest of us? Take a look at Representative Nate Gentry. Gentry has a long criminal history, but never pays the price. Gentry was arrested for aggravated DWI – driving at nearly three times the legal blood alcohol limit. 2002 […]

New Mexico has a new “most corporate legislator”: Nate Gentry

Republican Nate Gentry He’s taken more than $170,000 in campaign donations from corporations & special interests More than any legislator in New Mexico And he sponsored their bills lowering our wages and helping their profits. Gentry Sponsored HB 498 STATE PREEMPTION OF WAGE & LEAVE LAWS. [HB 498, 2015 Legislative Session] According to ProgressNow NM, […]