How did Sarah Maestas Barnes “forget” to tell voters about her family’s “almost $100,000 a year” state contracts?

State Rep. Sarah Maestas Barnes


“did not report a $91,000 annual deal to rent space to a state agency as required by…law for elected officials”

“An up-and-coming republican state lawmaker who holds a key seat in the New Mexico House of Representatives did not report a $91,000 annual deal to rent space to a state agency, as required by New Mexico’s financial disclosure law for elected officials.” [KRQE News 13, 8/30/16]

How do you “forget” to tell voters about your family’s “almost $100,000 a year” state contracts?

“State Democratic Party Executive Director Joe Kabourek, who filed the complaint, said ‘This is a huge amount of money. This is not a couple hundred dollars. This is $91,000 — almost $100,000 a year — and that is something that it’s hard to see how that would be an oversight.’” [KRQE News 13, 8/30/16]

It’s time to say no to Sarah Maestas Barnes


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