House District 23

State Rep. Paul Pacheco: Caught red-handed

State Representative Paul Pacheco tried to steer almost a million in taxpayer dollars to his brother’s construction project outside his district. He successfully funneled $300,000 before a complaint was filed and an investigation started. In 2014, Pacheco Requested $900,000 For ASK Academy, $230,000 Was Funded Pacheco Requested $45,000 “To Purchase And Construct The Middle School Science […]

It’s painfully obvious whose side Rep. Paul Pacheco is on.

  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a politician is on our side, other times its painfully obvious they aren’t. Take Representative Paul Pacheco. Pacheco owned and mismanaged the Blades Sports Arena writing bad checks, failing to pay coaches and refusing to honor pre-paid tickets from our kids. “Pacheco, his wife, Tami, and a third […]